David Hertz - Founder Gastromotiva

The Chef Feeding the World’s Impoverished, With Gourmet Food

I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, by Howie Kahn who wrote a great story!

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David Hertz

Catching up with David Hertz – founder of Gastromotiva

I am in Lapa, a trendy neighbourhood in Sao Paulo, on my way to have dinner at David Hertz’s place.

David is the founder of Gastromotiva, a not-for-profit Brazilian organization that trains people from underprivileged backgrounds to become professional cooks and start their own community food businesses. Gastromotiva was founded 10 years ago as an NGO, but now David has told me he wants to turn it into a sustainable business that no longer depends on donations but becomes a profitable social enterprise.

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David Hertz at MAD4 Food

A cry for social change – David Hertz at the MAD4 Food Festival in Copenhagen

article by David Prior

For David Hertz, the food activist and founder of the Brazilian nonprofit Gastromotiva, it is a skill to lift people out of poverty.

“What is cooking?” was the question posed by the organizers of this year’s MAD symposium. During the two-day festival in Copenhagen, which culminated yesterday, it was perhaps never fully answered.

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Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting – David Hertz

By Amina Samy

“We were invited to moderate a panel discussing ‘Cities as Labs for Innovation’, speaking with Gesare Chife, Co-founder and Executive Director of Dr. Aloy & Gesare Chife Foundation; David Hertz, Founder and CEO of Gastromotiva & Uridéia Andrade, Alumni of Gastromotiva; and Matt Damon and Gary White, Co-founders of water.org.”

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David Hertz and the Fat Radish founders

Gastromotiva crew working at Fat Radish pop-up restaurant – David Hertz

Written for Bon Appetit by Rochelle Bilow

The crew from the Fat Radish is working with Gastromotiva, a culinary education program in Brazil that prepares underprivileged youth for careers as chefs and cooks. The team hopes to leave the Gastromotiva students well-equipped to take the next step forward in their culinary careers—a goal that just may be one of the most important of the World Cup.

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